08-01 Moose Jaw

After yesterdays thunderstorm the temperatures have come down to ‘cyclers ideal’ at 25 degrees.  Rode to Moose Jaw where I am staying at Glenda’s and Jerry’s place from warmshowers. Where I am invited to the birthday party of her 95 years old grandma. With lots of good food.

Speaking about food. I find it quite difficult to get to good food. I don’t have much time to look around and I can’t by items in big quantities. So I end up getting my food at services stations and fast food places. Which is neither very price conciouse nor healthy. Actually, I am putting on weight!!!


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In November, 2010, I heard about 5 fatal cycling accidents within 5 days in New Zealand. I followed some frightening discussions on the web and after some sleepless nigths, I canceled my “Crossing New Zealand” plans and arrangements end of November.  I am now planning a cycling tour in Canada in summer 2011.

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To avoid high traffic on SH’s , you might follows alternative routes along community roads ( (TeKuiti), Hangatiki, TeAnga, Pukenoi, (KawhiaRd), (SH31), (RaglanRd), Makomako, TePapatapu, TeMata, (SH23), 3Streams, Raglan , (SH23), (OhautiraRd), (Highway22), Tuakau:


RuralWest Alternative route (approx. 270 km)

However, there are a few challenges like limited opportunities for food supply, limited accommodation and steep climbs on country roads.


Hangatiki – Te Anga profile

almost 1.000 m climbing on 40 km with max 26%!


TeAnga – Raglan profile

88 km, 1.500 m alt.diff, max 13%


Raglan – Tuakau profile

91 km, 1.215 m alt.diff, max 12%


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This route from Napier to Gisborne tries to avoid SH2 where possible.  However, there is no alternative for the 70 km from Tutira to Wairoa.

1.) Napier to Wairoa (via. Waikoau and SH2)



Napier-Wairoa v. Waikoau (125km, 1700m elev.)


2.) Wairoa to Gisborne along Tinironto road



Wairoa-Gisborn along Tinironto Rd (110km, 1300m elev.)


beware: there is nothing in between (take plenty of food and water)

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NortIsland EastCape tour

East Cape (de-)tour Gisborn-Opotiki over SH35.

EastCape Route

EastCape Route (Gisborne2Opotiki: (310km; 2400m elevation climb)

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NorthIsland RuralEast

Route from Featherston – Martinborough – Masterton – Route52- Porangahau -Omakere- Mangakuri – Waimarama- (Napier) over small community roads.

Only few opportunities for food supply and accommodation.


Featherston-Route52-Porangahau (210km, 1200m elevation climb)


Parangahau-Napier (130km, 980 elevation climb)

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There are two alternatives: (1) the direct and easy one along SH63 to Blenheim and via SH1 to Picton


Murchison Blenheim Picton (190 km , 750m elevation)

and (2) the longer and more trying one


Murchison Nelson Picton (230km, 2600m elevation)

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